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Tech Help for Environmental Researchers and Technicians

Coastal Tech offers science academics and technicians creative and cost-effective solutions for their electronic and mechanical hardware needs

Technical Consultancy and sourcing, Design, Research and Development where required, from very simple to more complex:

Marine - waterproof housings - animal sensors - cameras - brackets - UAV and ROV components - GPS - remote control - data and video links - custom antennas - solar power - gimbals - motors - gadgets and mechatronics - embedded microcontrollers - Arduino - Ardupilot - Pixhawk ground and surface rovers/drones

Design, Prototyping and Small Volume Manufacture

Where no off-the-shelf solutions are available, Coastal Tech can design and build. In-house prototyping and small volume manufacturing capabilities include basic electronics assesmbly, CNC machining, 3-D printing, aluminium, stainless steel and carbon fibre fabrication. If larger quantities are required, Coastal Tech is happy to design with this in mind, then outsource volume manufacturing

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